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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a fabric awning last?

A: Today's residential fabrics are generally warranted by their respective manufacturers for five years.  With proper maintenance and care, they can last even longer.  The metal awning frames will last a lifetime.

Q: Are there different qualities or grades of awning fabrics?

A: Although there are several different types of awning fabrics available, Queen City Awning only uses the best quality of the respective type of fabric in their awnings.  We do not offer lower grades of fabrics in our awnings.  Consult your Queen City representative for what type of awning fabric best suits your application.

Q: What colors are available in awning fabrics?

A: Today's residential fabrics come in more than 300 solid and striped colors!  Visit our showroom for a complete display of awning fabrics.  Or we can bring them to your home.

Q: Does the fabric color I choose affect how hot it is under my awning?

A: For the most part no.  Since an awning is an open air structure there is minimal heat build-up and usually this dissipates with air movement.

Q: Are awning fabrics waterproof?  Can I stay out under my awning in inclement weather?

A: Generally speaking, residential awning fabrics are water-repellent, not waterproof.  The fabrics' water-repellent characteristics allow you to fully enjoy the space shaded by the awning during any weather conditions that aren't severe.  In other words, if the weather is nice enough for you to be outside, then it is good enough for you to be out underneath your awning.

Q:  I live in a development governed by a homeowners' association.  Are awnings allowed there?

A: Because fabric awnings are colorful, attractive and functional, most homeowners' associations are receptive to adding them to their communities.  Typically, the association's architectural committee reviews these questions.  A Queen City representative is well qualified to assist you in this process.  Queen City Awning is already the approved supplier for many home and condominium developments in the area, please call us to find out if your development is already approved.

Q: How do I go about getting an estimate for a fabric awning on my home?

A:  We encourage a homeowner who is considering an awning for their home to visit our showroom to see the many options that are available.  The next step would be to arrange to have a Queen City representative come to your home to discuss your needs.  Queen City Awning always provides a written estimate to the homeowner for their consideration.

Q: What are the benefits of a retractable awning?

A: Retractable awnings are the ideal solution to shade deck and patio areas.  The primary benefit of this awning is the ability to retract it when it is not needed.  Additionally, a retractable awning can extend up to 16'6" from the house without poles!

Q:  If there are no poles, what supports a retractable awning?

A: Retractable awnings are designed to be self-supporting.  This style of awning relies on secure mounting in conjunction with spring-loaded arms.

Q: Why would I want my retractable awning motorized?

A: Nothing could be more convenient than simply flipping a switch and watching your awning roll out on its own.  Once fully extended or retracted, the unit will stop automatically.  You may also stop the awning in any position with the wall-mounted switch.  Research has shown that a motorized awning is used four times as much as a manually operated retractable awning.

Q:  If I have limited height above my patio or deck, can I still have a retractable awning installed?

A: Yes!  In situations where there is limited height above a patio or deck a retractable awning can be mounted on the roof.  With the use of specially designed roof mount brackets this type of installation is structurally secure and trouble-free.  Over one-third of all our retractable awning installations are roof mount.

Q: Are all retractable awning systems the same?

A: No!  There are two components that make up a successful retractable awning installation.  One is the actual retractable awning system and the other is the local company which sells and installs the awning.  Queen City Awning has provided professional sales and installation of the Retractable Awning Systems for over 15 years in the Greater Cincinnati area.   

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