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Winter Service

Due to current labor circumstances, Queen City Awning will no longer offer storage, cleaning, or annual put up & take down services.

We are pleased to continue offering repair services and new covers for awnings and canopies we originally installed.

Queen City Awning offers a wide selection of products to meet your needs, including our Guardian Canopy, which is designed to provide year round weather protection, as well as retractable patio awnings.

We appreciate your business over the years and look forward to providing excellent service in the years to come.

Please contact our office with any additional questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I leave my awning up through the winter?

A: Acrylic and vinyl fabrics are capable of staying up in cold weather conditions. While many of our customers do leave their awnings up year round, we can not guarantee the awning will be able to stand heavy snow loads.

Q: Does anyone else do cleaning?

A: There are other companies in the area that will do cleaning. Many of our customers have received cleaning service from SparkleWash at 513-718-8255. You can also clean your awning yourself: Instructions

Q: Will you remove/put up my awning if I store it myself?

A: No, we are no longer able to offer this service due to current labor circumstances.

Q: Do you know any other companies in the area that will service my awning annually?

A: We can not refer you to any specific companies, however, you may try a general handyman or maintenance service.

Q: Do you sell the lacing cord necessary to put up the awning myself?

A: Yes, we sell it by the roll. A roll is 1500 ft. and cost $135 plus tax.

Q: Will you repair my awning? Will you store it while down for repair?

A: Yes, we can still remove, repair, and then reinstall the awning for you. However, depending on the age of the awning fabric and the extent of the repairs needed, we cannot guarantee that the awning is able to be repaired until it is inspected.

Visit our showroom at:
7225 East Kemper Rd, Blue Ash
9am to 5pm Monday - Friday
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