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Your outdoor living space is a place for "me time." It's a gathering spot for friends and family, your go-to locale for relaxing while keeping an eye on little ones and pets. Protect yourself and your favorite outdoor space from damaging UV rays with Tempotest® shade and outdoor fabrics that color your world and stand the test of weather and time.

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T10-47 Cobalt
TEMT10-47 swatch
T101-47 Toast
TEMT101-47 swatch
T102-47 Cappuccino
TEMT102-47 swatch
T106-47 Toffee
TEMT106-47 swatch
T107-47 Carbon
TEMT107-47 swatch
T11-47 Red
TEMT11-47 swatch
T12-47 Sunflower
TEMT12-47 swatch
T13-47 Prussian Blue
TEMT13-47 swatch
T1302-47 Pistachio
TEMT1302-47 swatch
T1304-47 Greige
TEMT1304-47 swatch
T1330/505-47 Ash Gessato
TEMT1330/505-47 swatch
T1330/508-47 Toffee Gessato
TEMT1330/508-47 swatch
T1330/509-47 Hazelnut Gessato
TEMT1330/509-47 swatch
T1330/512-47 Carbon Gessato
TEMT1330/512-47 swatch
T1330/513-47 Merlot Gessato
TEMT1330/513-47 swatch
T14-47 Tan
TEMT14-47 swatch
T15-47 White
TEMT15-47 swatch
T15/1-47 Cream
TEMT15/1-47 swatch
T15/14-47 Oyster
TEMT15/14-47 swatch
T15/52-47 Latte
TEMT15/52-47 swatch
T15/79-47 Mist
TEMT15/79-47 swatch
T15/93-47 Snow
TEMT15/93-47 swatch
T151/929-47 Pearl
TEMT151/929-47 swatch
T16-47 Lime
TEMT16-47 swatch
T17/15-47 Mid Blue
TEMT17/15-47 swatch
T18-47 Brown
TEMT18-47 swatch
T19-47 Sicily Orange
TEMT19-47 swatch
T22-47 Shoreline
TEMT22-47 swatch
T24-47 Black
TEMT24-47 swatch
T25/15-47 Candy Pink
TEMT25/15-47 swatch
T4015/91-47 Crest Cement
TEMT4015/91-47 swatch
T407/11-47 Red Tweed
TEMT407/11-47 swatch
T407/13-47 Royal Blue Tweed
TEMT407/13-47 swatch
T407/16-47 Sage Tweed
TEMT407/16-47 swatch
T407/3-47 Musk Tweed
TEMT407/3-47 swatch
T407/52-47 Beige Tweed
TEMT407/52-47 swatch
T407/6-47 Forest Tweed
TEMT407/6-47 swatch
T407/79-47 Silver Tweed
TEMT407/79-47 swatch
T407/84-47 Brick Tweed
TEMT407/84-47 swatch
T407/926-47 Driftwood Tweed
TEMT407/926-47 swatch
T407/94-47 Grey Tweed
TEMT407/94-47 swatch
T414-47 Intense Blue
TEMT414-47 swatch
T415-47 Maroon
TEMT415-47 swatch
T416-47 Pacific Blue
TEMT416-47 swatch
T4215/15-47 Linen
TEMT4215/15-47 swatch
T426-47 Brick
TEMT426-47 swatch
T5-47 Forest Green
TEMT5-47 swatch
T52-47 Beige
TEMT52-47 swatch
T5406/107-47 Carbon Fiber
TEMT5406/107-47 swatch
T5406/15-47 Ice Grey
TEMT5406/15-47 swatch
T5406/17-47 Sky Blue
TEMT5406/17-47 swatch
T5406/94-47 Mudslide
TEMT5406/94-47 swatch
T5407/107-47 Turbulence
TEMT5407/107-47 swatch
T5407/15-47 Silk Grey
TEMT5407/15-47 swatch
T5407/17-47 Skydiver
TEMT5407/17-47 swatch
T5407/52-47 Sesame
TEMT5407/52-47 swatch
T5407/94-47 Seagrass
TEMT5407/94-47 swatch
T55-47 Bright Orange
TEMT55-47 swatch
T56-47 Paris Red
TEMT56-47 swatch
T57-47 Coffee
TEMT57-47 swatch
T57/1-47 Sequoia
TEMT57/1-47 swatch
T57/54-47 Henna
TEMT57/54-47 swatch
T58/15-47 Camel
TEMT58/15-47 swatch
T6-47 Pool Green
TEMT6-47 swatch
T684/12-47 Sunshine
TEMT684/12-47 swatch
T7-47 Olive
TEMT7-47 swatch
T7/14-47 Chive
TEMT7/14-47 swatch
T704-6-47 Forest Tweed
TEMT704/6-47 swatch
T71/15-47 Spa
TEMT71/15-47 swatch
T72-47 Orange
TEMT72-47 swatch
T727/15-47 Pebble
TEMT727/15-47 swatch
T727/71-47 Metal
TEMT727/71-47 swatch
T73-47 Burgundy
TEMT73-47 swatch
T75-47 Navy
TEMT75-47 swatch
T77-47 Bluette
TEMT77-47 swatch
T782/14-47 Durmast
TEMT782/14-47 swatch
T782/87-47 Wave
TEMT782/87-47 swatch
T79-47 Silver
TEMT79-47 swatch
T8-47 Pine Green
TEMT8-47 swatch
T81-47 Chocolate
TEMT81-47 swatch
T84-47 Rust
TEMT84-47 swatch
T84/14-47 Chutney
TEMT84/14-47 swatch
T87-47 Sapphire
TEMT87-47 swatch
T873/15-47 Glacier Tweed
TEMT873/15-47 swatch
T873/151-47 Dune Tweed
TEMT873/151-47 swatch
T873/17-47 Skyway Tweed
TEMT873/17-47 swatch
T873/2-47 Bisque Tweed
TEMT873/2-47 swatch
T873/78-47 Lettuce Tweed
TEMT873/78-47 swatch
T91-47 Plum
TEMT91-47 swatch
T92-47 Indigo
TEMT92-47 swatch
T926-47 Driftwood
TEMT926-47 swatch
T929-47 Vanilla
TEMT929-47 swatch
T93-47 Buttercream
TEMT93-47 swatch
T930-47 Hazelnut
TEMT930-47 swatch
T94/15-47 Lead
TEMT94/15-47 swatch
T97-47 Charcoal
TEMT97-47 swatch
T98-47 Clay Court
TEMT98-47 swatch
T986/106-47 Bisquit Tweed
TEMT986/106-47 swatch
T986/107-47 Carbon Tweed
TEMT986/107-47 swatch
T986/15-47 Ice Tweed
TEMT986/15-47 swatch
T986/727-47 Pebble Tweed
TEMT986/727-47 swatch


Please allow for online color variations from exact fabric color

Visit our showroom at:
7225 East Kemper Rd, Blue Ash
9am to 5pm Monday - Friday
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