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Your outdoor living space is a place for "me time." It's a gathering spot for friends and family, your go-to locale for relaxing while keeping an eye on little ones and pets. Protect yourself and your favorite outdoor space from damaging UV rays with Tempotest® shade and outdoor fabrics that color your world and stand the test of weather and time.

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T1081/24-47 Stockholm
TEMT1081/24-47 swatch
T1081/305-47 Lund
TEMT1081/305-47 swatch
T1081/392-47 Oslo
TEMT1081/392-47 swatch
T1081/97-47 Bergen
TEMT1081/97-47 swatch
T1101-47 Harvest
TEMT1101-47 swatch
T1120-47 Tan Slub
TEMT1120-47 swatch
T1150-47 Rust/Green/Multi
TEMT1150-47 swatch
T116/15-47 Blue/White
TEMT116/15-47 swatch
T1243-47 Yellow/Multi
TEMT1243-47 swatch
T158-47 Chocolate Brown Natural
TEMT158-47 swatch
T242-47 Grey/White
TEMT242-47 swatch
T31-47 Light Blue/White
TEMT31-47 swatch
T33-47 Forest Green/White
TEMT33-47 swatch
T34-47 Navy Frost/White
TEMT34-47 swatch
T35-47 Red/White
TEMT35-47 swatch
T37-47 Yellow/White
TEMT37-47 swatch
T378-47 Aqua/White
TEMT378-47 swatch
T439-47 Dark Grey
TEMT439-47 swatch
T5000/57-47 Cocoa Stripe
TEMT5000/57-47 swatch
T5000/7-47 Forest/Beige
TEMT5000/7-47 swatch
T5001/13-47 Royal/White
TEMT5001/13-47 swatch
T5001/73-47 Burgundy/Grey
TEMT5001/73-47 swatch
T5011/11-47 Burgundy/Natural
TEMT5011/11-47 swatch
T5011/57-47 Brown Natural
TEMT5011/57-47 swatch
T5011/7-47 Forest Natural
TEMT5011/7-47 swatch
T5167/11-47 Scarlet/Grey
TEMT5167/11-47 swatch
T5167/2-47 Chambray
TEMT5167/2-47 swatch
T5173/75-47 Bomber Blue
TEMT5173/75-47 swatch
T5347/62-47 Meadow White
TEMT5347/62-47 swatch
T5347/79-47 Platinum Grey
TEMT5347/79-47 swatch
T5348/79-47 Steel Grey
TEMT5348/79-47 swatch
T5349/106-47 Brown Cream
TEMT5349/106-47 swatch
T5349/426-47 Cinnabar
TEMT5349/426-47 swatch
T5349/930-47 Creme Latte
TEMT5349/930-47 swatch
T5361/79-47 Grey Frost
TEMT5361/79-47 swatch
T5369-47 Charcoal Brown
TEMT5369-47 swatch
T5370-47 Morel
TEMT5370-47 swatch
T5371/106-47 Champagne Brown
TEMT5371/106-47 swatch
T5371/727-47 Phantom Grey
TEMT5371/727-47 swatch
T5372-47 Pebble Tweed/White
TEMT5372-47 swatch
T5374-47 Black Pearl
TEMT5374-47 swatch
T5396/17-47 Rebel Blue
TEMT5396/17-47 swatch
T5396/78-47 Rebel Green
TEMT5396/78-47 swatch
T5396/87-47 Rebel Sapphire
TEMT5396/87-47 swatch
T5396/930-47 Rebel Hazelnut
TEMT5396/930-47 swatch
T5396/97-47 Rebel Charcoal
TEMT5396/97-47 swatch
T5398/107-47 Carbon Blue Blend
TEMT5398/107-47 swatch
T5398/17-47 Cloudy Sky Blend
TEMT5398/17-47 swatch
T5398/78-47 Fresh Meadow Blend
TEMT5398/78-47 swatch
T5398/930-47 Desert Dune Blend
TEMT5398/930-47 swatch
T5399/107-47 Winter Gray Harmony
TEMT5399/107-47 swatch
T5399/15-47 Lunar Rock Harmony
TEMT5399/15-47 swatch
T5399/17-47 Blue Ice Harmony
TEMT5399/17-47 swatch
T5399/52-47 Mocha Cream Harmony
TEMT5399/52-47 swatch
T633/79-47 Grey Rib
TEMT633/79-47 swatch
T634/97-47 Forest/Beige Slub
TEMT634/97-47 swatch
T636/10-47 Navy/Grey Rib
TEMT636/10-47 swatch
T636/14-47 Maple Sugar
TEMT636/14-47 swatch
T636/5-47 Forest/Beige/Cream
TEMT636/5-47 swatch
T636/84-47 Rust/Cream
TEMT636/84-47 swatch
T638/5-47 Forest Rib
TEMT638/5-47 swatch
T639/99-47 Beige/Brown Slub
TEMT639/99-47 swatch
T641/10-47 Navy/Beige
TEMT641/10-47 swatch
T68-47 Black/Grey
TEMT68-47 swatch
T739/701-47 Key Lime
TEMT739/701-47 swatch
T770/55-47 Bright Orange/Yellow
TEMT770/55-47 swatch
T790-47 Black/White
TEMT790-47 swatch
T792/24-47 Sweden
TEMT792/24-47 swatch
T792/5-47 Denmark
TEMT792/5-47 swatch
T792/73-47 Norway
TEMT792/73-47 swatch
T792/75-47 Finland
TEMT792/75-47 swatch
T945/97-47 Cafe Au Lait
TEMT945/97-47 swatch
T947/14-47 Bamboo Sienna
TEMT947/14-47 swatch
T948/21-47 Winter Sky
TEMT948/21-47 swatch
T949/91-47 Chocolate Almond
TEMT949/91-47 swatch
T950/24-47 Tuxedo
TEMT950/24-47 swatch
T951/92-47 Denim/Almond
TEMT951/92-47 swatch
T966/426-47 Roasted Peppers
TEMT966/426-47 swatch
T967/926-47 Greco Grey
TEMT967/926-47 swatch


Please allow for online color variations from exact fabric color

Visit our showroom at:
7225 East Kemper Rd, Blue Ash
9am to 5pm Monday - Friday
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